Feb 10

Yay for Oil Changes!


I think car dealerships should start offering free wi-fi to their customers while they wait. They have a secured network here. I wonder if they’d give me the password if I asked. Haha. Nah, they probably wouldn’t. I suppose car dealership transactions are relatively important and they can’t let just anyone access the network. It’s kind of a bummer though, ‘cause waiting for an oil change is about as interesting as watching a monkey’s backside.

So let’s have a look around the waiting room. There’s a woman in here using her laptop and her cell phone simultaneously. I think she’s actually browsing the Internet on her phone based on her hand motions. I don’t know why she has her laptop open as she doesn’t even seem to be using it.

There’s a TV over in the corner. It’s an Olevia HDTV and looks to be about 26 inches in size. It could be 28, I guess. Someone put the channel on AMC and I have no idea what’s playing. I can’t hear it because the volume is low and I’m hard of hearing, but it appears to be some sort of old movie.

I see a small square table with magazines and a fake tree. The magazines I can see from here are InSpire, Entertainment Weekly, Time and Sports Illustrated. They really should get some computer mags.

I count eight chairs total. They’re not the greatest, but I suppose they’re moderately comfortable enough to sit in for an hour.

There’s a popcorn popper and a water cooler off to the right. I bet the popcorn is stale. Sometimes when I’m here they’ll make fresh popcorn and I’ll actually be tempted to take some.

I wish I had a Kindle. If I had a Kindle right now I could be reading a book. I could even be buying a book! Oh how I wish I had a Kindle. A Kindle would be great. *twitches*

You know what else would be great? Mobile broadband. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive with such ridiculous data caps. I look forward to a future where the entire country is blanketed in wireless Internet and we’ll be able to go online whenever and wherever we want. You know who’s probably not looking forward to that? Charter Communications.

This is boring. I wanna go home.

I bought a candy bar at Kwik Trip before I came here. It’s sitting in my laptop bag at this very moment. I should eat it. Is it rude to eat a delicious candy bar when there’s another person sitting in the waiting room? What if I got chocolate all over my face? That would be embarrassing. I’m hungry though. I’m going to eat my candy bar. Mmmm… Butterfinger Crisp.

Now I’m kind of thirsty. *eyes water cooler* Who thinks I should get a cup of water? I bet it’s cold. I like cold water.

I’m happy to report that the water was indeed cold.

I still wanna go home. I’m going to stop writing ‘cause I have nothing left to say. I’ll post this awesome blog entry when I get home and have my sweet sweet Internet connection again.

Jan 10

It’s Been A Great Month

It’s January 31st, the last day of the first month of this blog. It’s been a wild ride and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

In just the first month there’s been massive growth! I now have an average of 17 readers a day, and spammers have attempted to post spam over a thousand times! The critics are loving this blog as well.

“I feel that Mr Nethead’s WebChunks is one of the best blogs on the Internet. He’s witty, charming, fun and informative. His cutting-edge range of topics is humorous and educational at the same time. I bet he is constantly shooing the ladies away.” – Mr Nethead of Mr Nethead’s WebChunks

In the first month we’ve covered such exciting topics as rare citrus fruits, throat drops that taste like candy, flying cars, two different types of cereal, Arby’s, the amazing Gorillapod, and the departure of our beloved Conan O’Brien from NBC.

So let’s look forward to a February full of web chunky goodness. Thanks for reading.

Your pal,

Mr Nethead

Jan 10

Mmmm… Oral Demulcent


So I was pondering my blog all day and wondering what I should write about. Then it hit me. I should write about throat drops! After all, who doesn’t want to read about throat drops?

Ever since I was a wee lad, I enjoyed the fantastic taste of Luden’s throat drops. To be honest, they don’t do much to make a sore throat feel better, but they taste oh so very good. In fact, they’re like candy. Sometimes I buy them just because I’m in the mood for a tasty treat.


If you examine the packaging of the cherry or mixed berry flavours, you’ll discover that the technical term for the product is an “oral demulcent.” What’s a demulcent you ask? The dictionary defines demulcent as “A soothing, usually mucilaginous or oily substance, such as glycerin or lanolin, used especially to relieve pain in inflamed or irritated mucous membranes.” Doesn’t that just sound delicious?

I think the next time I have guests over, I’ll break out the  throat drops. Oh what a party it will be!