Jul 10

It didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped…

But that’s why we experiment right?

chocolate marshmallows

chocolate marshmallows 1

Don’t worry though. I’ll figure out a way to make it better.

Jul 10

Mmmm… Sugary


Is there any candy more unhealthy than cotton candy? The ingredients are simply sugars, artificial flavors, and artificial colors. It tastes like a pile of sugar, but the texture is sorta neat.


I’m not really even sure why I bought it. I think maybe I wanted to feel like a kid again.

May 10

Pretzel M&Ms!

So there I was standing in the checkout line at Walmart. I had just completed a major grocery shopping session and stood waiting in line to purchase my goods. I thought I had everything I needed to by. But little did I know, there was one more item I was destined to have.

Being bored, I looked around at all the impulse purchases at the checkout lane. I didn’t really need any lip gloss, or lighters, or Uno decks. The candy options looked mildly interesting. I pondered purchasing a Carmello, but then I spotted something different. I found…


Pretzel M&Ms! When I saw them I knew I had no choice but to buy them. For they sounded amazing and delicious and I simply couldn’t resist.


They are as good as I imagined they would be. I almost want to rush out and buy more. So if you should spot these at any of your local retailers, BUY THEM!