Mar 10


Today I would like to discuss the world’s greatest article of clothing. I am talking, of course, about the hoodie. Hoodies are warm, comfortable, and they look great. If it starts to rain, the hood is a big help.They can be worn by men and women, and even shared between couples.

Nearly everyone looks better in a hoodie. That 500 pound guy at the grocery store who has to drive around in the handicap cart – he’d look better in a hoodie.

But some people object to the hoodie. Apparently, hoodies were at one point associated with gangs and other criminal elements. Therefore, older people in particular may disapprove of the hoodie, despite the fact that it is a harmless garment that is comfortable and convenient.

They’re particularly controversial in the United Kingdom where apparently some stores have banned hoodies from their premises. I guess the hoodie critics are right. I mean, don’t I just look so threatening in a hoodie?