Personal Care

May 10

Good to the Last Drop… of Bodywash

So I’m a big fan of Old Spice bodywash. Now before you all go flinging accusations at me, I’d like to point out that Old Spice bodywash comes in a variety of scents and not all of them smell like old man.

Anyway, as I stated above, I like Old Spice bodywash. Unfortunately, when the bottle gets pretty close to empty, the very last few drops take a long time to get out of the bottle. It certainly takes longer than I would want to wait whilst taking a shower. Because of this little problem, I had several nearly empty bottles of bodywash in my shower.



So I started thinking, “what if I consolidated the remaining contents into one bottle? I wonder how much bodywash I would have.” Well here are the results.


As you can see from the picture, I now have nearly a half bottle of bodywash! That’s pretty amazing. I bet people end up throwing away a lot of bodywash and shampoo over the course of the year. I recommend you just save your nearly empty bottles. There’s more in them than you think.