Jan 10

Pre-order Your Flying Car Today!

Over the years I’ve heard many people ask, “when are we finally going to have flying cars?” Well if everything goes according to plan, next year!

A company called Terrafugia has created what they call a “roadable aircraft.”  Not only is it a plane you can fly, but it’s also a car you can drive. (The wings fold up in car mode.) The vehicle has been aptly named Transition.


For a mere $10,000, you can place your deposit and reserve one of these flying cars today. The total price tag is expected to be $194,000 and please keep in mind that you’ll also need to be a certified pilot. (What, you didn’t think the FAA was going to let just anyone drive/fly a flying car did you?)


All in all it’s a pretty funny looking vehicle. In fact, I’d say it’s downright ugly. But that doesn’t prevent me from wanting one.

If you’re curious about the Terrafugia Transition or would like to throw down 10 grand to reserve one, you can find more info at http://terrafugia.com.