Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 8


There has been some recent concern that I may not be getting enough nutrition during my my $100 Food Budget Challenge. However, I don’t write about everything I eat in this blog. So hopefully people won’t think the little bit of food I write about is all that I’ve been eating.

Actually, the food I’ve been eating might be more nutritious than my regular diet. This is based on the fact that I’ve been eating more fruit (which is affordable), and less candy. (Which is not so affordable.) I haven’t gone to bed hungry even once this month, so I’m not too worried about things so far.

Today I purchased the following items:

  • Cheese
  • Generic Nutty Bars
  • Chicken patties
  • Buns
  • One 12-pack of generic grape soda
  • Apples
  • Bananas

Total Spent: $37.22

Remaining Cash: $62.78

Apr 10

Fun Items At Shopko

Shopko is a wonderful place with all sorts of neat items you can buy. Some of these items are much too magnificent to simply describe, so today I ventured into the store armed with my camera to take pictures. Here is some of the awesome stuff I found.


Shopko sells empty bean bags that you can buy and then fill with beans yourself. This bean bag is shaped like a giant pair of lips. Who wouldn’t want to sit on that?


Hey, it’s a pillow shaped like a stop sign! I suppose it could come in handy if your daughter’s boyfriend is getting a little too frisky. She could just wave the pillow in front of his face… otherwise I guess you might buy it if you really really love stop signs. It’s only $24.99, in case you were wondering.


These are some very very odd looking brushes. I think they’re for scrubbing potatoes or something. *shrug*


It’s the Snuggie Deluxe!


Snuggie for kids!


Wild Side Snuggie! Isn’t it sexy?


And finally, the Snuggie for dogs. All these Snuggies will come in handy when I finally start my Snuggie cult.


I realize the items in this picture aren’t odd. I just took it because my girlfriend loves sunflowers. Apparently sunflowers are in this year.


Ummm, I’m not sure what this movie is about. But apparently it involves Dennis Rodman and a bunch of midgets. They’re currently trying to sell this movie for $3.88, but I think the price needs to come down about 3 bucks if they really want to sell it.


And here’s a fine looking movie starring Judd Nelson. This film is also on sale for $3.88.


And this film is also on sale for $3.88. What a shocker!


Well it’s April. That means it’s time to start planning our 4th of July parties. Yay!

Ahh yes, what a great store.