May 10



Mythbusters is great show. I’ve learned all sorts of interesting things on Mythbusters.

I’ve learned that throwing a penny off the Empire State Building is harder than it sounds. I’ve also learned that if a penny did fall all the way to the ground from that height, it wouldn’t have enough force to kill a person.

I’ve learned that it would be highly unlikely for a ninja to be able to catch an arrow during battle.

I’ve learned that the fastest way to cool a can of beer (or soda) is to use a fire extinguisher. It only takes about three minutes. But a more practical method is to put your beer (or soda) in salty ice water.

I’ve learned that driving your car underneath a semi-truck like they do in the movies will indeed turn your car into an instant convertible.

I’ve learned that it takes the force of two tanks to rip apart two phonebooks with the pages intertwined together.

I’ve learned that you can build a bridge out of duct tape. You can also build a boat out of duct tape.

I’ve learned that it’s possible to tenderize meat with high explosives.

See, who says TV isn’t educational? Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go watch one more episode before bed.

Mar 10



If you should encounter a DVD with the word “RENTAL” imprinted on the bottom from either Redbox or Netflix, beware. These special discs have had all the special features gutted. They also contain ten to fifteen minutes of movie trailers which cannot be skipped. So far this only affects titles from Warner Bros.

Now I don’t really care about the special features being removed. I never watch them anyway. I do resent being forced to sit through over ten minutes of previews, however.

So why is Warner Bros. doing this you ask? Because they’re being petty and vindictive. Because of low-cost DVD rental sources like Netflix and Redbox, they’re making less and less money.

Warner Bros recently made deals with both Redbox and Netflix to delay new releases for 28 days. After 28 days Warner Bros. provides Redbox and Netflix with crappy rental copies. This is done in an effort to get more people to actually buy the movie instead of renting it. But in this day and age, it simply isn’t worth buying movies unless you intend to watch them over and over again.

By the way, according to a video on CNET, you can skip the “unskippable” movie trailers on most DVD players by pressing STOP, STOP and then PLAY. Unfortunately, that trick doesn’t work on my PS3.

Feb 10

Super Bowl Commercials

It seems like most people spend a lot of time trying to avoid commercials. We record shows on  our DVRs and then fast forward during the breaks. Or if we’re watching live TV we’ll get up for snacks. And then the Super Bowl comes along and people actually WANT to watch the commercials.

It’s no wonder that advertisers are willing to shell out 3 million per spot plus however much it cost to make the commercial when you consider the huge audience and the fact that people are actually going to see the ads. In fact, some people enjoy the commercials more than they enjoy the football. (But those people are very very silly and ought to be ashamed of themselves.)

Anyway, here are my three favourite commercials from yesterday’s Super Bowl broadcast.





And here’s the absolute worst commercial of the Super Bowl. (Just in case you wanted to see it again.)

Jan 10

Midweek Thoughts – Part 3

It’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for another exciting round of Midweek Thoughts. *waits for applause*

I think one of the best things about having my own blog is that I don’t have to worry about anyone taking it away from me after seven months. Or do I? *eyes Jay Leno suspiciously*

This morning I had a dream that I was taking a nap in a booth at Old Country Buffet. I was all comfy with my pillow and my blanket and everything. When I awoke, I decided it would be a good idea to eat there, so I went up to the counter to pay for a meal. When I came back to my booth, the pillow and blanket were gone. The staff had thrown them away. This was a very very sad dream.


Writing about pummelos in a previous blog entry was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. Apparently it’s quite common for people to search on the web using the phrase, “what’s a pummelo?” Luckily for me, that query seems to list my blog entry near the top. Perhaps I should change this blog’s title to “What’s a Pummelo?” People would read my blog and be confused. “Why did he name his blog that? He only talks about pummelos occasionally. And he seems to know what they are. What a dumb blog name.” Now I kind of want to do it…

Jan 10

Oh Conan, I Will Miss You


If NBC wants to make money and have high ratings, they should sacrifice their dignity and just let Conan O’Brien mock them every night. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen funnier television.

Here’s a quote from last night’s show:

“Everyone watch the Golden Globes last night? Did you see that? Last night at the Golden Globes, Julia Roberts said that NBC was in the toilet. Yeah, NBC was upset, and toilets were furious.”

And then there was Conan’s awesome song.

“”This is true. It’s been widely reported that I can’t say anything negative about the network. Luckily folks, they’re not saying I can’t sing anything negative about the network.” And then he sung, “Morons. Incompetent Morons. These people are morons. La-dee-dee-dee.”

Apparently nobody has uploaded that clip to Youtube yet, which is unfortunate since it’s much funnier if you can actually watch it. I did find it on a website, which doesn’t allow embedding, so here’s the link: http://origin.radaronline.com/exclusives/2010/01/video-conan-obriens-stinging-song-blasting-nbc-morons

Conan O’Brien has always been funny. But when he has nothing to lose and can just cut loose and say whatever he wants, he just might be the funniest man alive.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you head over to NBC.com and watch last night’s episode. (Available until February 11, 2010.) I can’t help but wonder how NBC feels when they’re uploading Conan’s videos. Heh.

UPDATE: The clip is now available on Youtube, so I have embedded it below. Enjoy!

Jan 10

A More Efficient Way to Watch TV


I enjoy watching TV shows. I just don’t like watching them on TV. In my mind, this is an extremely inefficient way to take in entertainment. They feed you a little piece of a story every week, and show commercials every few minutes. It’s sort of like having a pie. The pie has been cut into 18 pieces. You’re then given one tiny piece of pie every week. Sure, it lasts a long time, but it’s not very satisfying.

I became a Netflix member in 2004. Since then, I’ve watched thousands of movies and TV show episodes. Netflix provides an easy and efficient way to watch TV. Rather than tuning in each week for a show, I can watch an entire season at my own pace in a week or two.

And think of all the time I save not watching commercials! A 30 minute TV show usually has about 8 minutes of commercials. An hour long program generally has a whopping 18 minutes of ad time. If you watch a show on DVD instead, that is nearly an hour of saved time for every three episodes! (The hour long shows become 42 minutes.)

Sometimes I go on very long TV show streaks with my Netflix account. In fact, I haven’t received a movie from them since September. However, I have watched various shows since that time including, House MD, Criminal Minds, The Unit, Life, Numb3rs, Heroes, and The Big Bang Theory.

That TV show streak will come to an end on Monday when I receive Star Trek from Netflix, which oddly enough, is a movie based on a TV show.

Jan 10

Midweek Thoughts – Part 2

It’s Wednesday, that means it’s time for another exciting round of Midweek Thoughts.

The following words can be found on a large McDonalds cup, “Here’s to you – A toast to your wisdom, clever drink buyer – you have selected a classic fountain beverage, precisely mixed for maximum refreshment.” Is it just me or is McDonalds trying to sound like Burger King there? Every time I read that, I hear the voiceover guy from the Burger King commercials in my head.

I saw a first look at the 2011 Ford Focus last night on CNET. It looks nothing like a Ford Focus! The vehicle is not only beautiful, but it will feature automatic parallel parking assistance. Ford is apparently trying to reposition the Focus as a mid-level instead of an entry-level vehicle. I definitely need to start stashing as much money as I can, ‘cause I want one.

eurp_1001_01_z 2011_ford_focus front_view

After carefully considering the matter, I’ve come to the conclusion that NBC is run by a bunch of idiots. Anyway, just in case Conan happens to be one of the five people reading this blog, I just want to say, YOU ROCK MY SOCKS, CONAN O’BRIEN. I LOVE YOUR SHOW AND WATCH IT OCCASIONALLY!