May 10



Mythbusters is great show. I’ve learned all sorts of interesting things on Mythbusters.

I’ve learned that throwing a penny off the Empire State Building is harder than it sounds. I’ve also learned that if a penny did fall all the way to the ground from that height, it wouldn’t have enough force to kill a person.

I’ve learned that it would be highly unlikely for a ninja to be able to catch an arrow during battle.

I’ve learned that the fastest way to cool a can of beer (or soda) is to use a fire extinguisher. It only takes about three minutes. But a more practical method is to put your beer (or soda) in salty ice water.

I’ve learned that driving your car underneath a semi-truck like they do in the movies will indeed turn your car into an instant convertible.

I’ve learned that it takes the force of two tanks to rip apart two phonebooks with the pages intertwined together.

I’ve learned that you can build a bridge out of duct tape. You can also build a boat out of duct tape.

I’ve learned that it’s possible to tenderize meat with high explosives.

See, who says TV isn’t educational? Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’ll go watch one more episode before bed.

Mar 10

Mr Nethead Tests the ShamWow

If you ever watch infomercials late at night or early in the morning, you’ve probably heard of the ShamWow. It’s a super absorbent rag which is washable, lasts years and supposedly doesn’t drip.

A few weeks ago, I found ShamWows on clearance at Shopko. A two pack was under four dollars, so I decided to give them a try.



In order to test the efficiency of the ShamWow, I decided the best thing to do was dump water all over my kitchen floor.


I poured a small amount of water onto the floor. Then I tested out the ShamWow.


It did a pretty good job of sopping up the liquid, and true to the packaging’s word, it didn’t drip. However, I decided I would saturate the ShamWow with water and see how it performed.



The ShamWow was overcome. When I picked it up it dripped like crazy and my floor was a wet sloppy mess. In fact, I attempted to clean up the liquid with both ShamWows from the package only to eventually give up and use a mop.

So what’s the verdict? The ShamWow is not as magical as the ShamWow people would have you believe. It can handle small spills fairly well, but if it’s anything major you may as well opt for the mop.

Feb 10

Super Bowl Commercials

It seems like most people spend a lot of time trying to avoid commercials. We record shows on  our DVRs and then fast forward during the breaks. Or if we’re watching live TV we’ll get up for snacks. And then the Super Bowl comes along and people actually WANT to watch the commercials.

It’s no wonder that advertisers are willing to shell out 3 million per spot plus however much it cost to make the commercial when you consider the huge audience and the fact that people are actually going to see the ads. In fact, some people enjoy the commercials more than they enjoy the football. (But those people are very very silly and ought to be ashamed of themselves.)

Anyway, here are my three favourite commercials from yesterday’s Super Bowl broadcast.





And here’s the absolute worst commercial of the Super Bowl. (Just in case you wanted to see it again.)