August, 2010

Aug 10

Midweek Thoughts – Part 22


It’s Wednesday already? Well then, I guess it’s time for some Midweek Thoughts!

This is going to sound strange, but I couldn’t tell if the teller at the bank who served me this morning was a man or woman. The person had short hair and was dressed in a male dress shirt and tie. The voice didn’t really sway things one way or the other, and the name was ambiguous too. I suppose I’ll never know though, ‘cause it’s not like I can just ask, “are you a man or a woman?” Especially if it’s the person handling my money. :O

Where did the expression “a bite to eat” come from? If I’m going to go through the trouble of eating I’d like more than a bite. Besides, I rarely ever see someone eat only one bite of food. Maybe someday I’ll get a plate of food together and then count how many bites it takes to eat the whole thing. Then I’d be able to say, “I’m hungry. I think I’ll get 22 bites to eat,” or whatever the number happens to be. *nod* I should do that. 

I’ve been reading the Psalms a lot lately. David of the Bible is sort of an interesting character. He was a wretched miserable sinner and at times a flat-out jerk.  Despite all those flaws, God loved him dearly and I find that encouraging. Anyway, I draw a lot of inspiration from the Psalms these days. I know my dad loved the Psalms a lot too. I wonder how many times he read them.

Aug 10

A Case Of The Mondays


For many people Monday is a day of dread as they head back to work for another week at a job they probably don’t care for much. But I’ve found over the years that I actually sort of like Mondays. To me Monday represents a fresh start and new opportunities as well as a break from well… the break. Seriously. If I have too much time off I go a little nuts.

I feel grateful that I have a job and can bring home a paycheck. Without that paycheck, I wouldn’t have a roof over my head, food on the table, or clothes on my back. I wouldn’t be able to pay for Internet access or take road trips to visit my girlfriend either.

The United States currently has an unemployment rate of 9.5 percent with over 14 million people looking for work. So if you find yourself feeling a little down about having to go to work on Monday, just remember how rough it is out there and you may soon consider it a blessing. You might even find yourself saying, “Thank God it’s Monday!”

Aug 10

Midweek Thoughts – Part 21


Today is a Wednesday. I always used to post a Midweek Thoughts entry on Wednesdays, so I think I’m going to try to start doing that again.

I used to write in this blog all the time. In fact, I made an effort to write in this blog every day. I know that stopped rather abruptly, but that’s because my life was upended, shaken up, tossed about and changed forever. Anyway, I’m trying to return to normalcy, and part of “normal” for me is writing in this blog, so here goes.

I tried Spam for the first time the other day. No, not the junk email type spam, but rather the “meat” type Spam. And it was turkey Spam since eating pork causes all sorts of upheaval inside me.

So one might wonder why I tried Spam. Well, I was grocery shopping at Walmart when I spied with my eye a type of meat I hadn’t tried. Yes, I bought it because I had never had it. I suppose that’s a bit silly as I would never apply the same principle to say… limburger cheese. But that’s irrelevant to the story, so I’ll try not to go off on a tangent here.

Spam tastes about as good as it looks. It’s not horrible, but it’s the sort of food one would stock in a nuclear fallout shelter. I probably won’t purchase it again, at least not until it’s time to stock my shelter.

I’ve been pretty sick for about the last week and a half. In fact, last week I was so sick that I could barely speak. So I did what any hungry man would do in such a situation. I ordered McDonalds food with a note!

It was a pretty simple order. All I wanted was a double quarter-pounder with cheese and only ketchup. I specifically stated in the note that I did not want the meal. So when the girl working the counter asked me, “do you want the meal?” I shook my head and felt a little disappointed that she even felt the need to ask.

Anyway, I went home and ate my sandwich. When I had finished eating, I grabbed the sandwich box to throw it away. As I tossed it in the trash, I noticed the nutrition facts. I felt disappointed again, because now that I know a double quarter-pounder with cheese has 740 calories, I probably won’t be able to order it again. *le sigh*

I’ve noticed that computers seem to have personalities. Nearly every computer I’ve used has some sort of weird quirk. For example, my primary laptop will just randomly go nuts and switch the wi-fi and Bluetooth on and off over and over again. This is pretty annoying since I can’t use the Internet with the wi-fi flickering on and off like a light switch. The good news is, I’ve decided to use that quirk as an excuse to buy a new laptop. Now if only I had any money… *drifts off into daydreams about new laptops*

Aug 10

Just a Random Musing

When you read the Bible, you’re probably going to come across Scriptures that your flesh doesn’t like. "Love your enemies? Bless them that curse you?" Your flesh may tell you that’s crazy talk. But then, if you have the Spirit of God within you, you’ll realize it’s amazing; it’s brilliant. If everyone in the world would just do what Jesus told us to do, there would be no war, there would be no starvation, there would be no injustice or greed. This world would be like… Heaven.