October, 2010

Oct 10

Free File Tote!

So I received a catalog in the mail today from Office Depot. On the front they offered me a 10% discount as well as a free file tote organizer with a purchase of $125 or more. I don’t think I want that free file tote though. It looks like a purse. o_O


Oct 10

Midweek Thoughts – Part 28


Wow, this is actually my first post in October and the month is almost over! I haven’t written here in while because certain recent events knocked all the wind out of my sails, so to speak.

I’ve been sort of trying to hide it, but I’m still very much grieving the loss of my dad. Most of the time I’m okay during the day. But at night when I’m laying in bed all alone, it’s too quiet and I just can’t stop thinking. My dad was my pastor, my teacher, my role model, and my boss. That’s a lot to lose all at once. I remember when my dad would talk about my grandfather there always seemed to be a little bit of sadness in his voice. I understand how he felt now.

The last two days have been extremely windy. I always loved windy days. Actually, Maybe I’m just fond of inclement weather in general since I also love thunderstorms and rain. I even like winter a little bit as long I don’t have to go out and drive in the snow. There’s just something about being able to see my breath that makes me feel alive. I gotta admit though, by the time we get to February I’m pretty anxious for the spring.

Yesterday I came across an article about how Sony has finally discontinued the Walkman cassette player. It made me feel nostalgic and I’m sort of tempted to buy a new one while I still can. I probably wouldn’t use it. I’d just want it so I can show it to my future kids someday and they could see what people used back in the 80s and early 90s.

The world changes so fast…