Midweek Thoughts – Part 32


It’s Wednesday! That means it’s the perfect time for Midweek Thoughts!

Last night I saw a video from YouTube in which Mythbusters host Adam Savage described how he accidentally went through airport security with two 12-inch razor blades. (Ordinarily this would seem odd, but we’re talking about one of the guys from Mythbusters.) The TSA, whilst using their new fancy-pants, full-body, cancer causing, privacy infringing scanners failed to detect them. That isn’t very reassuring. I think if I ever do fly again I’ll wear these underpants.


Yes, you can actually buy this underwear. They also sell t-shirts with this message or the text of the fourth amendment of the Constitution printed in metallic ink so it will be visible to the scanners. Neato.

So, I’ve noticed that many of the streets in this town haven’t been plowed properly. I’ve also noticed that many businesses have done a pretty lousy job on snow removal too. I guess nobody wants to spring for snow removal in today’s economy, but if we start seeing more car accidents due to negligence by the city or local establishments, I can’t help but feel that they deserve to get sued.

Perhaps I should have a word with the mayor. Or perhaps I should run for mayor! My campaign promises will include better snow removal and the raising of the speed limit on North Spring Street. Who wouldn’t vote for me?!

As an added plus, I have a lot of mayoral experience from all those years of playing Sim City…

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