Midweek Thoughts – Part 33


Well, dear Internet, it is once again Wednesday. Seeing as it is now the middle of the week, I feel inclined to compose yet another installment of Midweek Thoughts.

Whenever someone asks me what I’m thinking about, I always feel pressured to come up with something profound or interesting to say. The truth is I’m probably thinking something like, “I haven’t had a Pop Tart in a while. I like Pop Tarts. Sometimes I toast them, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I have a hard time deciding whether to toast them or not. Maybe I should just flip a coin.”

Actually, I do most of my serious thinking late at night while I’m trying to fall asleep. But don’t you dare try calling me at 3am to ask me what I’m thinking about or I will track you down and… and… give you a stern lecture!

I know a lot of people down south whine about hardly ever getting any snow. Maybe I should start selling snow online. I’m sure there’s a way to keep in frozen in transport. It would be great because I could sell it for a ridiculous price, and the snow would arrive down south where the happy recipient could enjoy it for 15 to 20 minutes before it all melts. I’ll just file this idea in the “great ideas that I will never actually do” pile. By the way, don’t even think about stealing this idea from me. If you do, I will track you down…

and give you a stern lecture.

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