Tales of Sleep and Slumber


I love sleep. It’s peaceful, relaxing, a break from the perils and stress of everyday life, and a chance to recharge. I like sleeping so much that I do it every night. Sometimes I even do it during the day. I have spent approximately one third of my life asleep.

Of course, sleep doesn’t always go perfectly. There’s the occasional bad dream, noise interruptions, insomnia, scheduling conflicts and so on.

During my teenage years I had a paper route. While it was normally an afternoon route, the Saturday paper had to be delivered in the morning. I was expected to have my route completed by 8am every Saturday morning.

Well, after being late a couple times do to alarm clock issues, I started staying up all night on Fridays. Normally I would sleep on Saturday mornings to make up for it, but one Saturday we had a family outing and I didn’t get a chance to sleep.

It just so happened that my family always went to prayer meetings on on Saturday nights. By that time, I had been awake for quite a long time and was quite exhausted. I kneeled down to pray, and it pretty much went down like this; “Dear Lord… zzzzzzzzzzz.” Yes, I had fallen asleep while praying! When I awoke, everyone else had already finished their prayers. I don’t know if they all knew I was sleeping or if they just thought I was extra holy that night and praying for a long time.

I also recall one evening when I was soundly slumbering in my bed. I was awakened by mom pounding on the door and yelling “Go to sleep!” Of course, I couldn’t get to sleep after that.

I’ve had some pretty interesting dreams too. I once dreamt that I and my family was sent back in time to the 1950s by the New York Yankees. I was desperately trying to get back to my own time, but my parents wanted to stay because they loved the 50s. And for some unknown reason, I was being chased by the Monopoly man in a wooden truck. It was one of the best dreams I’ve ever had.

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