Maids, Spoons and Other Fun Stuff


So I’m sitting here in my hotel room in Rock Hill, South Carolina. This morning I didn’t want to be in my hotel room while the maid cleaned it because I always find that to be extremely awkward. I noticed she was cleaning the room next to mine, so I thought I’d go down to the lobby with my netbook and just sit and wait for her to finish my room.

I came back 45 minutes later and she was still working on the room next to mine! So I went back to the lobby and texted Leah for a while. A half hour later, the maid still hadn’t started my room. I gave up on waiting in the lobby and just stayed in my room.

A minute later the maid knocked on my door. So I just sat in my chair and put my feet up while she cleaned. It made me feel like a wicked overlord watching his servant clean. Yeah…. awkward.

This afternoon, Leah and I wen to Walmart to buy ice cream. When we got back to my hotel room, it occurred to us that we would need spoons. I went down to my car to get some plastic spoons, and upon my return we discovered that the little containers of Haagen Dazs included spoons. That was pretty nice of them. I probably should’ve looked at the lid sooner which informed us of the included spoon.

So Leah and I had chocolate ice cream for lunch and Burger King for supper. We’re off to a healthy start!

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