A Parking Lot Tale


Today while pulling into Piggly Wiggly, I got stuck behind a car waiting for another car to back out so he could pull into the parking spot close to the store. Unfortunately, the car backing out was apparently nervous about the crowding behind his car and backed out very very slowly.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting and waiting, and I finally decide to go around the car but I have to drive in the wrong lane to do so. But suddenly there was another car coming from the other direction which I hadn’t initially seen, and we had to squeeze past each other very tightly. This all happened because some idiot wanted a parking spot as close as possible to the store, even though there were plenty of open spots just slightly further down.

The reason for accidents and just bad driving in general comes down to people being selfish and unaware of the other cars on the road. (Or in this case, the parking lot.) If people would pay attention to the cars in front of them, behind them, and on each side, traffic would flow better and there would be less accidents. (And road rage.) So to all the drivers out there, try not to get so caught up in what you’re doing or where you’re going that you forget to pay attention to everyone else.

Personally, I like to park a good distance away when I go places. There are usually less cars down on the end which means it’s much less likely that someone will scratch my car. It’s also a lot easier to pull out, and I get a nice little walk in addition to the other benefits. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to do so.

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