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Facebook recently changed their layout. Among the changes was the addition of a “Top News” feed. So here’s what I learned from today’s Top News on Facebook.

Victoria and Becky commented on Renee’s status.

Becky has moved up to level 39 in Farmville.

Amber commented on her own status.

Sonny commented on Anna G’s status.

Heather commented on Kevin’s status.

Anna M is craving Girl Scout cookies.

Anna G and Sonny commented on Hannah’s status.

Tyler commented on his own status.

Julie commented on her own photo.

Sarah thinks Dr Seuss rocks.

Kevin posted a photo mocking the Obama White House.

Nathaniel has decided that the Farmville stallions are gay.

Kevin and 5 other friends commented on Tonita’s status.

Anna G is excited about the sun shining.

Laura is giving away gold in Farmville to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Matt has loaded the majority of his CDs into his iTunes library.

Heather wishes she had the week off.

As I’m sure you all can see, the Top News on Facebook is very very exciting. I for one, wish to thank Facebook from the top of my heart.

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