Midweek Thoughts – Part 14


Welcome to another exciting edition of Midweek Thoughts! I’m your host, Mr Nethead.

Okay, so I have a confession. I’m not always the most decisive of guys. Sometimes I just can’t make up my mind about where to go for lunch. I’ll literally be driving down the road not sure of where I’m going to eat. Why just moments ago I was thinking about going out to eat for lunch, but nothing sounded good at the time. Instead I stopped at the store and bought 10 bottles of vitaminwater.

I love it when they have 10 for $10 vitaminwater sales. Of course, I’m pretty sure we don’t actually have to buy 10 bottles to get the sale price, but it’s a great way to sucker shoppers into buying 10 bottles of the stuff. All I can say is that those vitamins better be making me healthy, ‘cause a dollar a bottle isn’t cheap, and that’s the sale price! Anyway, I love vitaminwater. I’m going to be trying a new flavor called “Spark” later when it gets cold. It’s a grape-blueberry flavor. That should be interesting.

One of my favourite games on Facebook is called Bouncing Balls. It’s rather trite and pointless but also addicting at the same time. It annoys the heck out of me that it doesn’t have an option to pause the game though. Would it have been so hard to give us a pause button? Because of this oversight, I can only play the game when I won’t be interrupted by something else. Sometimes I find myself playing the game at 1 in the morning instead of sleeping. You know what the really sad part is though? I’m not even good at it.


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