Redskin Controversy – A Solution

Ahh, the Washington Redskins. It’s one of the last few remaining professional sports teams with a racist name. I know, I know, they say it’s not a racist team name. But actually it is. If you don’t think so, just imagine having a team called The Whiteskins or the Blackskins.


There are many Redskin fans who say the name can’t be changed because that would be breaking with tradition. Well, I guess they have a point. Racism has been a longstanding tradition in the United States. And let’s face it, Native Americans have always been a pretty easy target. Isn’t it a little ironic having a bunch of black guys playing for a team with a racist name though?

Anyway, in my spare time I went ahead and solved the whole controversy. The Redskins can stop being racist and they don’t even need to change their name! All that is required is a simple logo change.


Isn’t it brilliant? By changing their logo to a redskin potato, they will no longer be racist! And just imagine all the delicious potatoey snacks they could serve at the games.

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  1. /sigh

    Ya know, in the 15 years I’ve been a Redskins fan I’ve only heard complaints of their name being racist twice.

    The first time was around the same time the NBA had the Washington Bullets changed to the Washington Wizards because the Bullets was “too violent.”

    Second time was today! I guess redskin could be considered racist by some people. But those people probably think we need to change the lyrics of Jesus Loves the Little Children too because it’s racist calling all those people red yellow black and white. Who calls Asians yellow?!? That’s racist! Who calls Indians red?!? That’s racist!

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  3. Hi Mr. Nethead,
    I came to the same conclusion as you about the Skins’ racist logo, and the same elegant solution. Went looking for a logo online for @redskin_potato, and found this web page. Do you mind if I use your proposed helmet design for my avatar?
    Thanks in advance,

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