Today while browsing soda at Walmart, I found three new flavors of Mountain Dew. Apparently they’re having a “Dewmocracy” campaign. Fans can go online or send a text and vote for their favorite flavor. I guess the flavor with the most votes then becomes permanent.

So I tried Typhoon first, which is a fruit punch flavored Mountain Dew. I thought it was delicious! Having not tried the others yet, I assumed it would be the flavor getting my vote.

Then I tried Whiteout, which is a “smooth citrus” Mountain Dew. Oh. My. Goodness. It is delicious. It’s even better than Typhoon, so I guess Whiteout is getting my vote.

I have not yet tried “Distortion”, which is a Dew with lime flavoring. It’s the flavor I find least intriguing, and I have a feeling I won’t like it better than Typhoon or Whiteout.

Incidentally, Walmart was selling 12-packs of cans for $4.38. Right below it they had 4-packs of cans for a dollar. Uh yeah, the 4-packs are a much better deal. I’ll take 12 cans for $3, thank you very much!

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  1. I have bought two cases of the distortion for during finals week. I like it, myself. It tastes a lot like regular dew, with a vague hint of lime. But it is lime green. Since finals are over, I’m having caffeine withdrawals.

    Verdict: I like the distortion. They are out of the others at my local grocery.

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