A Sort of Watered Down Blog Entry

This may seem weird, but I’ve had a lot of soda to drink lately and now I’m craving water. If it wasn’t so late maybe I’d go out and buy some. :P

I love water. I remember when I was little I didn’t really care for it. But at some point I started drinking water and I’ve found that it quenches thirst better than anything. Soda, while delicious, almost makes me more thirsty. The more I drink the thirstier I seem to get. So tomorrow I think I’ll try to get some water. Icy cold delicious water. Mmmmm.

I head home on Friday. Since I got into a little accident yesterday I’m going to have to go straighten that all out with the insurance company on Monday. I’m pretty sure the cop wrote down the phone number for my insurance agent incorrectly on the form. Hopefully this won’t be too complicated to sort out.

Well that’s about it. I think I’ll head to bed in a few. I’ll probably read a book on my iPod touch until I fall asleep. That Kindle app is pretty handy.

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