I’m sleepy. I think I’ll sleep soon. After all, that’s usually what I do if I’m sleepy. Unless I can’t. But that’s really not the situation right now.

I have to drive for about 7 hours tomorrow. I’m not really looking forward to the windy windy curvy mountainous roads of West Virginia. It’ll be all right though. It only takes about 3 hours to get through the state according to Google Maps.

Anyway, on Saturday I have to drive through over half of Ohio, all the way across Indiana, and through a big part of Illinois. Google Maps is predicting that it will take 11 hours, but I’m hoping that it’s wrong. Anyway, according to my personal calculations it should only be around 9 hours. We’ll see who’s right. Yeah, it’s down to me and Google! Can I, a simple man, best Google? We shall see. Oh, we shall see.

Anyway, Good night. Zzzzzz.

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