700 Mile Drive


I drove about 700 miles today. Ohio has really nice rest stops. They have loads of vending machines. I love vending machines.

It’s fun being able to drive 75 in Indiana. I was even in front of a state trooper for a little while and didn’t get pulled over. Actually, when I moved over to the right lane so he could get by, he accelerated to about 80. I wonder if I would’ve gotten away with 80. heh.

Illinois smells funny. I saw Mennonites at a KFC there. I kinda wanted to say something like, “Hey are you Mennonites? The schoolbooks my parents gave me as a child were written by Mennonites!” I think they’d probably have just been surprised that someone actually knew they weren’t Amish. Heh.

So I’m kinda tired. Tomorrow I’ll update my visited states map and post it here. *yawn*

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  1. Vending machines are evil and they steal your money!

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