Latest Visited States Map


Well here’s my updated visited states map. I was sorta tempted to drive over to Pennsylvania the other day when I was fairly close to the border. But it would have added a couple hours to an already very long road trip. That’s okay though. I’ll get around to Pennsylvania and every other state eventually.

I’ve even going to revisit Texas and Colorado at some point. I’ve been to airports in those states, but that doesn’t exactly count.

But yeah, looking over the map it appears I’ve been to the West Coast, the East Coast, and the south, but I’ve not really been to any of the Great Plains states.  Maybe someday I’ll hop in my car and drive to North Dakota. From there I could head straight south and visit South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. Then I could swing up and visit Arkansas and Missouri before heading home. That would definitely be an interesting trip.

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