And Now A Few Words About Dr Pepper


Yesterday I went to our local McDonalds establishment and noticed they now had Dr Pepper available in the soda fountain. That’s pretty cool, as I think Dr Pepper is a fine beverage. (By the way, I still say Burger King is better than McDonalds, but my town doesn’t have a Burger King.)

One of the more unique aspects of Dr Pepper is that it can be found in both Pepsi and Coke fountains. You might find it at KFC; a company which serves Pepsi, and then also at McDonalds or Burger King. (Restaurants that serve Coke.) I guess you could call it a free agent of the fountain beverage world.

Dr Pepper is even bottled by Pepsi or Coca-Cola bottlers in some regions. This has gotten less common over the years, but it still happens in certain areas. There has been a little confusion with some people thinking Dr Pepper is a Coca-Cola product and others thinking it’s a Pepsi product. The truth is that it’s a product of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. (A spinoff from Cadbury Schweppes PLC)

Incidentally, Dr Pepper always had a period after the “Dr” part until the 1950s. This was changed because the logo design at the time would have made it look like Di: Pepper instead of Dr Pepper. The period was never added back even though the logo design has changed a few times over the years.


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