Good to the Last Drop… of Bodywash

So I’m a big fan of Old Spice bodywash. Now before you all go flinging accusations at me, I’d like to point out that Old Spice bodywash comes in a variety of scents and not all of them smell like old man.

Anyway, as I stated above, I like Old Spice bodywash. Unfortunately, when the bottle gets pretty close to empty, the very last few drops take a long time to get out of the bottle. It certainly takes longer than I would want to wait whilst taking a shower. Because of this little problem, I had several nearly empty bottles of bodywash in my shower.



So I started thinking, “what if I consolidated the remaining contents into one bottle? I wonder how much bodywash I would have.” Well here are the results.


As you can see from the picture, I now have nearly a half bottle of bodywash! That’s pretty amazing. I bet people end up throwing away a lot of bodywash and shampoo over the course of the year. I recommend you just save your nearly empty bottles. There’s more in them than you think.


  1. Wow! This hit home for me! When I was finally diaesongd with Bipolar 2 in addition to my prior diagnosis of major depression I was finally relieved to have a name to identify it with. Shortly thereafter after severe depressive bouts occuring every 2 months or so I started to realize I needed to be self-aware and find predictors so I can catch it before a bout would start. While there wasn’t a whole lot I could do to prevent it at least we could hit it head on. One of the first things I realized is that I don’t brush my teeth which made me laugh and cry at the same time. But it was subtle enough that my boyfriend could notify me when he thought a bout was coming. Other symptoms would arise as well but we brush our teeth together so it was what he would notice right away. Sometimes I wouldn’t recognize that I was headed towards a downward spiral but he would and he would tell me. When he knew it was coming I gave him permission (before the bout) to physically force me to get dressed, take a walk, take a shower, eat etc Because we knew I wouldn’t do those things if left to my own devices. Preparation is key. I do feel like my bouts were shorter when we learned how to see them coming and when he made me get up and get out it encouraged my brain to recover. He got me outside which helped during the winter especially to get extra Vit. D. Now that I’ve been consistantly on the same dose of Lamictal (150 mg a day) for almost a year now, my depression is almost non-existent. My super rare bouts now last a half day and are very mild. So I take a nap and usually I’m fine. Thank God for Lamictal as I have had no more yucky thoughts as I call them (a.k.a suicidal thoughts) either. I am now on day 2 of Pristiq because I also have A.D.D. (which I have had for over 30 years now), PTSD (My H.S. tennis coach physically attacked me when I was 16; I believe attempted rape) and to top it off 2 years ago severe anxiety / strange phobias started after a concussion I suffered after I hit my head then worsened even further due to a car accident a few months later grr! (Whew!) It’s not been fun to try to treat 4 intertwining issues but I feel very lucky to have my 3 kids and boyfriend to encourage me along. I am functioning ok (self-employed working 16 20 hours a week) even though I have been through at least 7 medicine trials to get my other issues to settle down. But defeating my depression was job 1. Keeping me stable and alive had to happen first. I am blessed! Your site is now bookmarked it’s healing to know we are not alone. Tom Cruise makes me SO mad. What we have is VERY real and yeah it IS all in my head (literally) people can’t see past their noses I suppose. People don’t commit suicide because it is made up . I would never wish upon anyone the mental anguish I have been through on anyone. But suffering has made me more compassionate and has made me SO very grateful to be in America where I can seek help rather readily. So many don’t have that option. Great site!

  2. i don’t shower.i don’t cnaghe my shirt. i don’t eat,. meaning cook or dtive to McDonalds or even shabby restaurants. i don’t wash the dishes even cockroaches climb them like Mt. Everest,i don’t brush my teeth, i don’t watch tv, collect my laundry, hop in my car and go somewhere, i don’t go to the gym, i don’t call my wife and kids (living in 2 different states), i don’t pay my bill even if it’s over due or they’ve cut off my phone service twice, i don’t call my office or answer their calls or text messages, one time i purposely drop my samsung note in the toilet and peed on it (i got a cheaper phone now) i don’t open my laptop, nor look into my e-mails. these are what i could or forced to do: i have to pee, my body forces me to get out from the bed,command my left and right leg to move one in fornt of the other. sometimes i have to shit (certain muscles furces you to do it)even if i don’t have not eaten anything, i make coffee and sip the top quarter of the cup but most of all:i sleep, 24 hrs most of the days, my waking hours is only to pee and or if i can’t sleep anymore due to oversleeping, i read books, or re-read old issues of TIME or Newsweek and this goes on for 4 days, sometims they’re the 2 day weekends with Thu and Fri with it or Monday and Tues with it. Or I only work on Monday and Friday. And I’m the head of the interior design department with 6 people under me and at leat 1 projects running at the same time.All because I could feel the overwhelming mental confusion settling, my mind is getting disorganized and my spirit goes limp on my body.Why do I force to sleep? So that in my sleep, I could live in another world, through my dreams and nightmares, I’m a different person. Why do I read? To dumb my mind and the painful chatter it brings. There is nothing I could do, until it ceases and leave me for a while but deep within it, i feel the sel-pity, the unfairness of these things happening, you also are worried about your work and the office and it pains you that you are helpless to do it I know it when it’s gone I’m refreshed and my mind is clear, and like a scattered pearls, I could sring them all together, I could see right trough them. All the things I refuse or has no energy to do done i a day, shower and shaving included.Back in the office, I come back like as if nothing happened, then I’m in command. Pissed off clients I could charm to cool down even over the phone Good luck..enjoy it while it lasts another episode is just another corner. But life is realistic and can’t wait or let your BP behavior like having a carte blance I was fired from that company whichI founded, 20 years ago i understood and i have actually offered to resign before For people like me who are into professional practice, it is a common concern and focus of pain is about not being able to work effectively, or get things done that is the focust of my mental chatter and my pain

  3. You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watching for your posts.

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