Grocery Store Incident

Did you hear about the incident at the grocery store the other day? Apparently there was this guy named Artie and he was shopping in the produce section. He went up to this guy and started choking him and said, “Give me a dollar!”

The man refused. “No I’m not going to give you a dollar!”

So Artie went up to another guy and started choking him. “Give me a dollar!” he demanded.


Finally, Artie went up to a third guy and choked him too while demanding a dollar. Like the other two men, the third guy also refused to give Artie a dollar.

The next day, the headline in the newspaper read, “Artie chokes three for a dollar at local grocery store.”

That was one of my dad’s jokes. Yes, they were a little corny, but I miss hearing them. I’m sure his jokes will be popping into my head for years to come and probably the rest of my life.

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