Things I Learned on My Road Trip

From Monday, July 26, 2010 to Thursday July 29th, 2010, I completed a 2000 mile round trip to South Carolina. On my journey I learned some interesting things.

The floors at the Burger King in Crawfordsville, Indiana are sticky. I don’t think they ever wash them.

The fries at the Burger King in Berea, Kentucky are ice cold. I don’t think they ever heat them.

One of the Burger Kings in Beckley, West Virginia seems very proud of their double cheeseburgers. They charge $2.39, and a buck double in nowhere to be found on the menu.

I saw a mattress discarded on I-64 in Kentucky. I guess it either fell off a truck or someone left it there intentionally. It’s a pretty odd sight driving down the interstate and passing… a mattress.

There was a bad traffic accident on I-64 which left me stuck in traffic for about an hour and a half. Later I googled “I-64 accident” and discovered there are accidents on that freeway several times a month. I’m never driving on I-64 again.

People in Indiana like to go 70 mph when the speed limit is 70. I find this odd. Also, they don’t seem to feel the need to turn on their headlights in the wee hours of the morning on an overcast day. I find that odd too.

And finally, when you’re in a construction zone in Illinois and the posted limit is 55, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can go 55. I discovered this when a state trooper pulled me over and explained that I should’ve been going slower. Thankfully he gave me a warning instead of a ticket.

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