Midweek Thoughts – Part 29


Welcome to another exciting installment of Midweek Thoughts! I’m your host, Mr Nethead.

You know there are a lot of restaurants out there that will serve you a burger. Most of the restaurants will serve you a beef burger, and a few of them will serve you a turkey burger, but I’ve never seen one that will serve you a chicken burger. What a shame! Chicken burgers are tasty.

Speaking of chicken, I’m a little upset with my sister Becky for telling me about the squalid kitchen conditions at our local KFC. I used to eat there a couple times a week but now I can’t because I know how disgusting it is back there! She already took the A&W restaurant in Waupun away from me. If I get reports of other fast food joints in the area being unclean too, I’m gonna have to start taking a sack lunch to work!

I’ve been accused by some folks of talking about food a little too much. Frankly I don’t understand the complaint. Food is a universal topic. Besides, it’s not like I only talk about food! I also talk about beverages sometimes.

You know what’s delicious? Vanilla Coke. I remember a few years back when they were going to take Vanilla Coke off the market. I went to the store and bought as much of the stuff as I could get. My beautiful tower of Vanilla Coke was about fifteen 12-packs high. It was quite a sight indeed.

I’m just glad they saw the error of their ways and brought the stuff back. A world without Vanilla Coke is just too… well… vanilla.

I’ll be thirty years old in a few years. I’m pretty excited about it. It means I’ll soon be old enough to have my midlife crisis! I wanna do something awesome like sail around the world in a balloon. I bet I could sail around the whole world in just 80 days!

Ah yes, my midlife crisis is going to be great.

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