Why I Write

As I tossed and turned in my bed last night, I’m pretty sure that I wrote an entire book in my mind. I’m sure I’ve done the same thing hundreds if not thousands of times throughout my life. You see, I’m  a chronic thinker. My brain just never shuts off.

When we ponder what could have been written, and compare it to what actually has been written, we can begin to see just how amazing the written word is. Everyone has thoughts. If everyone had the knowledge and ability to write down their thoughts we would all be capable of writing books. But the vast majority of the thoughts we think every day simply fall by the wayside. It’s a pity really. One can only wonder how many nuggets of brilliance have been lost over the millennia.

Ordinarily, when you think a thought it will dissipate like smoke into thin air. When you write, you can go back whenever you like and see what you were thinking at specific times in your life. You can share what you write with others. You can blog it or write a book. It’s an extraordinary thing, for when you write, your thoughts live on.

And that is why I write. 


  1. *nods in agreement* That’s why I started my Momentum blog. It’s for anything and everything that might find it’s way into my head and want to get out. Even if it’s complete nonsense :)

  2. We are very alike in this matter Sam. When I get to thinking, I have to write. And I get pretty frustrated if I’m not in a writing situation. I do find it fascinating to go back through all my notes and stories, I always find myself thinking “Wow! I wrote that?”

  3. Marlene Stelter

    Thanks for writing, Sam.

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