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Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 22


I made a big bowl of slop after I got home from work tonight. What is slop you ask? Well the exact ingredients depend on what I happen to have available at the time, but it’s basically pasta covered in a cheesy cream of chicken sauce. Sometimes I add corn, and the exact cheeses can vary from batch to batch. I suppose most people would call it “cream of chicken casserole,” but I just call it “slop.” Mmmm… slop.

I didn’t buy any food today.

Total Spent: $81.01

Remaining Cash: $18.99

Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 20


I hadn’t intended to buy any food today. But then I thought I could make a quick stop and buy some buns. Sliced bread is great, but buns work better for certain things. (Such as burgers.) I ended up grabbing a few other things too. I bought:

  • Buns
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Sandwich meat
  • 2-liter of Cranberry Sierra Mist (Mmmmm!)

My total came to $7.01. As I heard my total, I immediately wished I had chosen to carry an extra penny. Unfortunately, all I had were dollar coins, so the store got eight of them.

Total Spent: $81.01

Remaining Cash: $18.99

Can I stretch that $18.99 and make it last the rest of the month? I think I can. I might have to eat some weird stuff toward the end, but I’ll make it!

Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 17


I’ve had half a box of chicken burgers sitting in my freezer for a couple of months. I had thought about eating a couple of them numerous times over the last few weeks but never did. Well today I ate a couple of them and they were quite tasty. I didn’t have any buns, so I used some toast instead.

I really enjoy chicken burgers, but I sort of hate that they shrink wrap them in sets of four. I would never eat four at once, and separating four frozen burgers from each other is a pain. They say on the box that you shouldn’t thaw them first, and I don’t, but prying them apart with a butter knife is a tedious endeavor. So yeah, I wish they would just individually wrap them.

I didn’t buy any food today. However, I noticed when I counted the money in my tin, it was twenty-five cents short. I use the receipts to calculate my totals and I don’t think I got the math wrong. So that leads me to believe I misplaced a quarter somewhere along the way.

Total Spent: $69.34

Remaining Cash: $30.66

Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 11


While looking through my pantry the other day, I noticed that I was in possession of three cans of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. While I enjoy chicken noodle soup, most people would probably be grossed out by the way I eat it. I take a big stack of saltines, crumble them up, and put them in my soup. By a big stack, I mean about half a pack of crackers. It makes for a very very salty but tasty soup.

Anyway, I just had some soup a few minutes ago. It was good!

I didn’t buy any food today.

Total Spent: $49.36

Cash Remaining: $50.64

Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 8


There has been some recent concern that I may not be getting enough nutrition during my my $100 Food Budget Challenge. However, I don’t write about everything I eat in this blog. So hopefully people won’t think the little bit of food I write about is all that I’ve been eating.

Actually, the food I’ve been eating might be more nutritious than my regular diet. This is based on the fact that I’ve been eating more fruit (which is affordable), and less candy. (Which is not so affordable.) I haven’t gone to bed hungry even once this month, so I’m not too worried about things so far.

Today I purchased the following items:

  • Cheese
  • Generic Nutty Bars
  • Chicken patties
  • Buns
  • One 12-pack of generic grape soda
  • Apples
  • Bananas

Total Spent: $37.22

Remaining Cash: $62.78

Mar 10

KFC’s Boneless Filet

KFC recently announced their new boneless filet. What’s a boneless filet you ask? It’s a breaded chicken filet with no bones. It works out particularly well if you enjoy eating chicken, but don’t enjoy eating the bones.

I stopped in at the local KFC yesterday to try this new menu item. True to their word, the filet had no bones. It was just a gigantic hunk of meat.


I was so excited when I saw it that I bit into it without even thinking and promptly burnt my tongue when the hot juice of the filet squirted all over my tongue. It does saw “Caution Hot” on the packaging. I should have heeded the warning.

Anyway, despite the burnt tongue, I still thoroughly enjoyed my big chunk of white chicken breaded in the colonel’s original recipe. In fact, it was so good that I went back today and ordered it again.

You can order the “Boneless Filet Box” for $5. It includes a boneless filet, biscuit, one side of your choice, and a drink. If you prefer, you can order the boneless filets individually for $1.99 a piece.

Now if they’d hurry up and offer a grilled version, I’d probably eat at KFC every day.

Mar 10

Grocery Shopping

I sort of like grocery shopping. I mean on some levels it’s fun, but on the other hand, I always seem to forget something. Sure I could make a grocery list, but I usually forget to put a few things on the grocery list anyway, so what’s the point?

My two parents each had vastly different grocery shopping styles. My mom was very health conscious and would buy nutritious foods. Most of the time she’d buy Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast and it was only on rare occasions that we got the tasty kids cereals. Things like American cheese were pretty much forbidden in our house, and mom absolutely hated soda.

Of course, I have seven siblings and most of us were finicky eaters, so when my mom would find something that we would all actually eat, she’d make it over and over and over again.

I think there was a time when we had chicken breast three or four nights a week. I also remember a period where hamburgers were frequently prepared. We had hamburgers so often that people would visit our home and say, “Your house smells like hamburgers.”

But sometimes my mom got a little funny about food. I know for a while she kept trying to serve oatmeal for dinner, and only my dad would eat it. I also recall one time when she served mashed potatoes and frozen pizza for dinner. That was… weird. Oh and she loved making tomato soup – lots and lots and lots of tomato soup. Sometimes she served toast with it.

Us kids all loved it when my dad went grocery shopping. He’d come back with things like Little Debbie snack cakes, soda, ice cream sandwiches, and olive loaf. Although I never cared for olive loaf it was always exciting to see it in the fridge ‘cause that meant dad went shopping!

These days I never really know what to buy when I go shopping. In the end I usually end up with turkey burgers, sandwich meat, bagels, frozen chicken and lots and lots of pasta. But who knows, maybe someday I’ll buy olive loaf.

Or… maybe not. Yuck.