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Mar 10

The Dot Box

It was a warm sunny day in March when a man in the great state of Wisconsin spotted a Dot box sitting on his desk. “Surely I had previously consumed those delicious Dots”, the man thought to himself. “Perhaps I should dispose of the box.”


Intending to discard the box in a waste receptacle, our young protagonist was shocked to discover the box was not empty after all.


This was a lucky occurrence for our young fellow, because not only did the Dot box contain Dots, it contained yellow Dots – the flavor he favored most. “I shall eat those Dots, he thought to himself!” And so it was, that on that fine, sunny afternoon, he consumed the remaining Dots from the Dot box.

Upon consumption of the delicious Dots, the young man felt a bit melancholy and yet joyful as well. He was happy to have eaten the Dots, but sad that the Dot box was now empty indeed.


Jan 10

Hey, That Cereal Looks Kinda Like Cheerios!

So yesterday when I was texting my friend Leah, she alerted me to the existence of a brand new variety of Cheerios. Chocolate Cheerios! Doesn’t that sound like a rather odd combination?


Being a cereal lover, I knew that I had to try these new Cheerios, despite the inherent weirdness of it. To be honest, Chocolate Cheerios don’t sound very appetizing, and they don’t look so great either.



Honestly, they look more like some sort of bran cereal than anything chocolaty delicious. They also kinda resemble something you’d give a dog. But looks aren’t everything right?

Chocolate Cheerios taste and smell a lot like Cocoa Puffs. The main difference is that the Cheerios are not nearly as sweet. So if you’re interested in a cereal that tastes like another delicious cereal except less delicious, then Chocolate Cheerios may be right for you.

Jan 10

A Bachelor Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a long night of sleeping and fasting, it’s important to “break the fast” with a well-balanced and nutritious breakfast. You need a good mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fat.


Here are all the foods you need for a wholesome breakfast.


Looks fantastic, doesn’t it?


The delicious “cereal” shown in the photo above provides fat, carbs, and even a little protein from the nutritious chocolate milk.


Here’s a nice protein source.


And finally, some important carbs from the “fruit.”


So who wants to come over for breakfast?