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Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 31


My $100 Food Budget Challenge has nearly reached its conclusion. It’s going to feel weird to go back to spending however much I want on food again. Maybe now that I’ve gone through this I’ll exercise a little restraint instead of just throwing whatever tickles my fancy into the shopping cart. I feel like I’ve learned a lot.

Although I made it through the entire month spending less than $100 dollars on food, I feel like I could have done better. There were certain things I bought that I didn’t really need. I bought a lot of soda, and had I not done that, I would’ve had more money available for important foods such as meat and produce.

In fact, affording meat is probably the biggest challenge I faced. Yes, you can buy meat or products that contain meat, but the quality of the meat isn’t going to be the greatest.

An interesting side-benefit of the budget was a huge decrease in waste. In fact, I don’t think I ended up wasting anything except some cheap cheese that I bought and discovered to be disgusting. I ate pretty much everything that I bought.

In summary, it was an enlightening month, and if I ever find myself in a position where I must drastically cut my grocery bill, I feel like I’ll be more equipped to handle the situation.

As for tomorrow, I think I want to get a cheeseburger.

I didn’t buy any food today.

Total Spent: $99.10

Remaining Cash: $0.90  

Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 19


You know what I haven’t had in a while? Pancakes. I’m sorta in the mood to eat pancakes right now but I don’t have the fixin’s to make ‘em. Perhaps I’ll go to the store tomorrow and buy pancake stuff.

My sister gave me a whole bunch of leftover pot roast yesterday. I ate some of that today. I do enjoy a good pot roast, which is one of three reasons I could never be a vegetarian. The other two reasons are turkey and chicken. 

I didn’t buy any food day.

Total Spent: $74.00

Remaining Cash: $26.00