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Apr 10

Mmmmm… Casey’s Pizza


I had some delicious Casey’s Pizza for dinner.


It’s better than Domino’s and waaaay better than Pizza Hut. I like to get cheese pizza because I feel that meat toppings detract from the cheesy goodness. (Especially the Casey’s cheesy goodness.)

The crust has a nice homemade classic taste. It’s  not too thin but not not too thick either. They’re generous with the cheese, and if you happen to like other toppings, those are pretty good too.

Casey’s is a Midwest chain of convenience stores headquartered in Ankeny, Iowa. If you happen to be lucky enough to live near one of their locations, I suggest you give their pizza a try. They don’t deliver though, so you’ll have to go pick it up.

Feb 10

Domino’s New Pizza

A couple months ago, Domino’s Pizza announced that they reformulated their crust, sauce and cheese blend. I finally got around to trying their new pizza today.


The crust is good. They’ve added a bit of garlic to it and it now tastes like breadsticks. I imagine this would cut down on breadsticks sales as ordering them separately would now be a redundancy. Another issue is the fact that some people do not like garlic breadsticks… at all. My dad is one of those people so serving Domino’s Pizza at gatherings simply wouldn’t work out for my family.


The sauce only tasted slightly spicier to me. Whereas the old sauce seemed to have no spice whatsoever, the new stuff seems to have an itty-bitty-teensy-weensy bit of spice. That works out for me ‘cause I don’t really like spicy stuff but I imagine a lot of people wouldn’t be terribly impressed by it.

As for the new cheese blend, err… umm… it tasted exactly the same as the old cheese blend to me. I’m not sure what they changed, but whatever it was I didn’t notice a difference.

So what’s the verdict? Well, it’s better than Pizza Hut.

Jan 10

By Age 30

Sometimes when I stop and realize that I’m 26 years old, it’s almost a little mind boggling. How can I possibly be only four short years away from 30? Here are some of my goals to achieve by that time.

By age 30, I would like to look at least 25 years-old. If I still look 18 it’s just going to be weird and awkward.

By age 30, I’d like to stop getting acne breakouts when I’m stressed.

By age 30, I want to learn to properly cook a steak. I set off the smoke alarm the first time I tried. The second and third times I just managed to make some barely edible meat.

By age 30, I would like to learn how to use an entire loaf of bread before it spoils.

By age 30, I want to eat pizza in 10 different states.

By age 30, I want to reach level 70 in Farmville.

By age 30, I want to write 1000 blog entries.

And finally, by age 30, I would like to be living in my own home. Sure, I’d prefer it to be a nice castle with a drawbridge and a moat, but that might be asking for too much.