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Apr 10

Fun Items At Shopko

Shopko is a wonderful place with all sorts of neat items you can buy. Some of these items are much too magnificent to simply describe, so today I ventured into the store armed with my camera to take pictures. Here is some of the awesome stuff I found.


Shopko sells empty bean bags that you can buy and then fill with beans yourself. This bean bag is shaped like a giant pair of lips. Who wouldn’t want to sit on that?


Hey, it’s a pillow shaped like a stop sign! I suppose it could come in handy if your daughter’s boyfriend is getting a little too frisky. She could just wave the pillow in front of his face… otherwise I guess you might buy it if you really really love stop signs. It’s only $24.99, in case you were wondering.


These are some very very odd looking brushes. I think they’re for scrubbing potatoes or something. *shrug*


It’s the Snuggie Deluxe!


Snuggie for kids!


Wild Side Snuggie! Isn’t it sexy?


And finally, the Snuggie for dogs. All these Snuggies will come in handy when I finally start my Snuggie cult.


I realize the items in this picture aren’t odd. I just took it because my girlfriend loves sunflowers. Apparently sunflowers are in this year.


Ummm, I’m not sure what this movie is about. But apparently it involves Dennis Rodman and a bunch of midgets. They’re currently trying to sell this movie for $3.88, but I think the price needs to come down about 3 bucks if they really want to sell it.


And here’s a fine looking movie starring Judd Nelson. This film is also on sale for $3.88.


And this film is also on sale for $3.88. What a shocker!


Well it’s April. That means it’s time to start planning our 4th of July parties. Yay!

Ahh yes, what a great store.

Mar 10

Why Yes, That Is A Pot

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great joy and excitement that I introduce you to the latest member of my kitchen; this pot.


This pot and I will make many memories together over the coming months and years. Although the sticker on the pot called it a “stew pot”, I find it highly unlikely that I will actually prepare stew in it. I don’t really care for stew too much since it usually contains vegetables.


The pot was on sale for only $11 at Shopko and even came with a lid! I’m very excited.

Mar 10

Mr Nethead Tests the ShamWow

If you ever watch infomercials late at night or early in the morning, you’ve probably heard of the ShamWow. It’s a super absorbent rag which is washable, lasts years and supposedly doesn’t drip.

A few weeks ago, I found ShamWows on clearance at Shopko. A two pack was under four dollars, so I decided to give them a try.



In order to test the efficiency of the ShamWow, I decided the best thing to do was dump water all over my kitchen floor.


I poured a small amount of water onto the floor. Then I tested out the ShamWow.


It did a pretty good job of sopping up the liquid, and true to the packaging’s word, it didn’t drip. However, I decided I would saturate the ShamWow with water and see how it performed.



The ShamWow was overcome. When I picked it up it dripped like crazy and my floor was a wet sloppy mess. In fact, I attempted to clean up the liquid with both ShamWows from the package only to eventually give up and use a mop.

So what’s the verdict? The ShamWow is not as magical as the ShamWow people would have you believe. It can handle small spills fairly well, but if it’s anything major you may as well opt for the mop.

Mar 10

Jack Link’s Turkey Nuggets

There was, in the not too distant past, a profound void in my life. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for exactly, but I knew I didn’t have it. Then one fine day while browsing the snack section at Shopko I found something very special.


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you Jack Link’s Turkey Nuggets!  I know, you’re probably stunned and amazed right now. I’m sure you had no idea that it was possible to take chunks of turkey, dry them, put them in bags and sell them for 5 bucks each.

These nuggets are delicious. One serving only has 60 calories and 1 gram of fat. There’s also very few carbs, but they do have a heck of a lot of sodium.


Don’t they look delicious? I think it’s worth noting that packaging about one-third the size would’ve been sufficient for the product. *shakes fist at food companies using deceitfully large packaging*

Anyway, if you’re looking for a tasty meat snack that you and your dog can enjoy, Jack Link’s Turkey Nuggets may be just what you need.