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Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 18


Well, I didn’t intend to spend any money on food today but sometimes things turn out differently than planned. I was heading home when I remembered that I was low on milk. So I stopped to get milk and ended up getting a few other things too.

It’s funny how before I went on this budget I had trouble using all my milk or bread. Now they are the two things I run out of most quickly. Today I bought:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • 2-liter bottle of Squirt
  • 20 ounce bottle of Coke

My girlfriend sent me a coupon for a free 20 ounce soda, so my bottle of Coke was free!

Total Spent: $74.00

Remaining Cash: $26.00

Woohoo! This is the first time my remaining cash has been an exact dollar amount. I guess the big question now is, “can I make $26.00 last the rest of the month?” I believe that I can.

Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 14


I decided to stop at the store after work tonight, because I knew after yesterday’s experience I’d be craving chocolate again. I only had ten dollars with me, and that forced me to add up each item as they were added to my cart. It was actually fairly stimulating in a mental sense. It certainly required more brainpower than my normal method of just throwing whatever I want into the basket. Stopping to think about each item and whether to buy it while weighing the pros and cons of choosing other items is quite an experience.

Ironically, despite making careful selections, I chose some pretty junky stuff.

I bought:

  • Generic Swiss Rolls
  • Generic Nutty Bars
  • Lay’s Stax
  • Sandwich meat
  • Cheese
  • A 12-pack of Dr Thunder

This experiment would be a lot easier if I didn’t feel so inclined to keep buying soda. Even at $2.58 for a 12-pack it still eats up a fair amount of money when you only have $100 to start with. I probably won’t be able to afford it anymore by the time I reach the end of the month. Thankfully I’m also quite fond of water and drink a large quantity of it.

Total Spent: $58.74

Cash Remaining: $41.26

Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 8


There has been some recent concern that I may not be getting enough nutrition during my my $100 Food Budget Challenge. However, I don’t write about everything I eat in this blog. So hopefully people won’t think the little bit of food I write about is all that I’ve been eating.

Actually, the food I’ve been eating might be more nutritious than my regular diet. This is based on the fact that I’ve been eating more fruit (which is affordable), and less candy. (Which is not so affordable.) I haven’t gone to bed hungry even once this month, so I’m not too worried about things so far.

Today I purchased the following items:

  • Cheese
  • Generic Nutty Bars
  • Chicken patties
  • Buns
  • One 12-pack of generic grape soda
  • Apples
  • Bananas

Total Spent: $37.22

Remaining Cash: $62.78

Dec 10

$100 Food Budget – Day 5


The loaf of bread I bought the other day is already nearly gone. I’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches. Sometimes they’re peanut butter, turkey, or just plain cheese but at any rate I’ve been going through a lot of bread.

Today I walked into the store carrying only six one-dollar coins. It was a pretty weird feeling knowing that I could only spend a maximum of six bucks. I’m sure it’s a feeling that many Americans have grown accustomed to these days. Anyway, today I bought:

  • Sandwich Meat (Turkey)
  • Cheese
  • One 2-liter bottle of generic raspberry soda

Total Spent: $23.30

Remaining Cash: $$76.70

The bottle of soda seemed a little extravagant. Hopefully I won’t miss that 78 cents too much later.

Apr 10

Mountain Dew at Piggly Wiggly

There sure are a lot of ways to buy Mountain Dew at Piggly Wiggly.


You can get 2-liter bottles!


6-packs of 24 ounce bottles!


24-packs of cans!


12-packs of cans!

You can also get 20 ounce bottles from the cooler by the cash registers, but I didn’t take a picture of that ‘cause I didn’t want to get any funny looks or explain why I was taking pictures.


You can also get a can of Dew from this vending machine outside.


Or you can get a 20 ounce bottle from this vending machine!

You know what’s stupid though? A 20 ounce bottle of Dew inside the store costs $1.59. A 20 ounce bottle outside the store costs $1.25. A 12 ounce can outside costs 50 cents. So between those three choices, the cheapest option is actually cans from the vending machine outside. You can get two cans for a buck. Not only is that a quarter cheaper, but you get 4 extra ounces.

Your soda prices make no sense, Piggly Wiggly!

Mar 10



Say hello to my empty Mountain Dew bottle. Just moments ago, this bottle was full and brimming with energy and life. And then it was poured down the mouth of a man desperately seeking to quench his thirst.

The future of this bottle, whom I shall call Dewey, is bleak. In a short time Dewey will be carelessly cast into a large recycling dumpster where he will lay in the cold, damp, darkness for days. 

After a few days pass, a large truck will come and fetch Dewey and all of his recyclable friends. He will be taken to a processing plant where he will be bathed in harsh chemicals. He will then be crushed, smashed, shredded to bits and melted until Dewey is no longer even a bottle.

Farewell Dewey. I’d wish you well, but we all know that won’t do any good.

Feb 10

The Incredible Bottle Top!

If you’re ever feeling down or sad, I suggest you go to Shopko and look at the “As Seen on TV” section. It’s full of all sorts of wonderful things, like Sham-Wows, Snuggies, and Snuggies for dogs. I also found this amazing product.


Have you ever found yourself hosting  a party, you bring out the drinks and one of your finicky guests exclaims, “I’m not drinking that! It’s in a can!” Well now, thanks to the amazing Bottle Top, you can instantly turn those cans into “bottles.”

It’s basically a bottle top that snaps onto your can. Apparently it can prevent spilling and supposedly it keeps drinks carbonated longer.


The thing actually snaps onto a can pretty tight.



This product is “ingenious.” How do I know that? It says so on the included instructions. But my favourite part about this product is that it takes an ordinary can of soda and makes it look cool. Doesn’t it look cool? Doesn’t it?!

The makers of this product were so thoughtful that they even included a coupon for a fake diamond ring.


It’s valued at $136, but it can be mine for just 20 bucks! Thank you Bottle Top people. You sure are swell!

Jan 10

Midweek Thoughts – Part 2

It’s Wednesday, that means it’s time for another exciting round of Midweek Thoughts.

The following words can be found on a large McDonalds cup, “Here’s to you – A toast to your wisdom, clever drink buyer – you have selected a classic fountain beverage, precisely mixed for maximum refreshment.” Is it just me or is McDonalds trying to sound like Burger King there? Every time I read that, I hear the voiceover guy from the Burger King commercials in my head.

I saw a first look at the 2011 Ford Focus last night on CNET. It looks nothing like a Ford Focus! The vehicle is not only beautiful, but it will feature automatic parallel parking assistance. Ford is apparently trying to reposition the Focus as a mid-level instead of an entry-level vehicle. I definitely need to start stashing as much money as I can, ‘cause I want one.

eurp_1001_01_z 2011_ford_focus front_view

After carefully considering the matter, I’ve come to the conclusion that NBC is run by a bunch of idiots. Anyway, just in case Conan happens to be one of the five people reading this blog, I just want to say, YOU ROCK MY SOCKS, CONAN O’BRIEN. I LOVE YOUR SHOW AND WATCH IT OCCASIONALLY!